Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Canon Canonet 1961

This is the original Canonet. Canon used this model to penetrate the mid-level camera market in the early 60's, they sold over a million original Canonets in the first two years at a price that more than irritated the competition. It's a rock solid camera, much bigger than the later Canonets, almost the size of a SLR. It features auto exposure and full manual control with a fast 45mm/f1.9 lens, it was also the only Canonet with a selenium cell light meter and with the unique Canonflex underbody film advance & rewind.

This example is fully functional, with the original reversible/slip-on metal lens hood and a still reasonable accurate light meter. Battery-less, solar powered photography, going for for almost fifty years in a very slick design package. Please click on an image to view bigger.

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